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Necklace Layering



Have you ever wondered why you are not able to replicate that runway model look? The outfit might be straight out of the Vogue magazine, but something is amiss. Well, the simple answer is you’re not accessorizing enough! Currently we are in a great period, you can go with the bold chunky jewelry look or the daintier layered look. It’s all about your vibe, and how you feel it could be for a specific day or it just might be your style.

When it comes to layering necklaces, there are no rules … it’s all about finding the right balance of textures, metals, colors, and lengths to create effortlessly chic and distinct look. Layered purposefully but still looking like you literally just threw them on. The idea is not about wearing multiple necklaces; it’s telling your story, showcasing your personal style and/or emphasizing your vibe!

Layering jewelry is a trend everywhere – from the runways to your day to day life to that professional attire. When it comes to layering, there are no fixed dos & donts. By pairing multiple necklaces together, you are able to create a look that’s unique to you!

My main tips:

  • Play with lengths and shapes!
    • Everything must cascade down – a cute choker, add a mid-length pendant and finish it off with a long chain. The mix will create depth and visual interest.
    • Switch up the heft. The necklaces should have different shapes, at least one in the mix being a pendant or bar.
    • Fill up the space – basically the space between your neck and your bust (maybe above or a bit below your navel). The goal should be the necklaces are evenly spaced and the amount of skin showing between them is somewhat equidistant.
  • Mix N Match Materials!
    • Get playful by mixing gold, silver, pearls and/or different stones. A delicate gold chain can beautifully complement a pearl necklace or a chunky silver necklace with a Jasper pendant.
  • Colors – Keep it Balanced and get bold!
    • Colored Enamel box necklaces can be layered with dainty gold chains or chunky silver necklaces. You can get creative with Lapis, Malachite, Coral, Turquoise, Jade necklaces or pendants.
    • The outcome must be balanced and pleasing to the eye.