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Quadro Gems Cushion Bracelet
Quadro Gems Cushion Bracelet


Our stunning Sterling Silver 18k Gold-Dipped multi-strand Bracelet with Lab Created Amethyst, Citrine, Blue & white Sapphire stones, a true statement piece that will elevate any outfit! This exquisite accessory features multicolored stones on multiple strands of delicate chains expertly handcrafted from premium quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting beauty. Each strand boasts an impressive array of shimmering, colorful gemstones meticulously arranged to create a captivating visual journey.

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  • SKU: HRB-14-G
  • Category: Bracelets
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  • Material: 18K Gold Plating on 925 Silver
  • Stone: Lab Created - Amethyst, Nano Green, Citrine, Blue & White Sapphire
  • Length: 7 inch
  • Weight: 59.83 grams